Our company offers a full range of legal services in the different fields: business, corporate, civil, family, housing, land, labor, administrative and criminal law. Using professional approach and skill, we provide our customers the highest quality of legal services both in the form of comprehensive legal services and individual work on a particular issue.

How we work:

1) You have questions, situation in urgent need of legal assistance, need expert with specialization or lawyer, you should contact our company by telephone, write an e-mail or ask us in Skype.
2) Assistant of lawyer will provide You initial assistance, make a request of the required documents, appoint the meeting. Providing personal specialist / lawyer depends on the category and area of law because everyone has to do their work.

3) Specialist / lawyer familiarize with the circumstances / documents, defines goals and objectiveswith You, develops a strategy, the algorithm of further action to maximize satisfaction of Yours interest.

4) Active cooperation.

We practice:

For legal entities:

- Corporate Law - range of services to support registration, re-registration, reorganization, liquidation. Purchase and sale of authorized capitalshares, buying - selling business.

Customer service.
- Commercial Law - pre and adjudication between entities for not proper fulfillment of obligations, debt recovery, compensation, recognition of property rights, development, changing conditions or termination of contracts, protection of property rights violations, recovery of property from illegal ownership and more.

Customer service.

- Administrative Law - appeal of executive authorityactions, executive authority of local self-government, tax authorities.

- Employment Law - advisesabout labor legislation in dismissal, labor disputessettlement, legal assistance in obtaining a work permit non-residents in Ukraine, development of the collective agreement of enterprises and organizations, advises on the conclusion of labor agreements and contracts, development of: work rules, provision of personnel, labor regulations and agreements (contracts);

For individuals (citizens):

- Civil Law - a range of services to regulate relations between individuals and legal entities for disputes with banks, debt collection, contract law (sale, lease, contracting, services, etc.), inheritance law, consumer protection, recovery of moral and material harm to others. Successful Litigation.
- Criminal Law - lawyer will be involved in the investigatory actions and maintenance interests in litigation concerning crimes committed in the area of criminal law (economic crimes, crimes committed by officials, robbery, various injuries, theft / large extent, violence, narcoticssales, etc.)
- Family Law - family relations in pre-trial and court: divorce, destination and view the amount of child support, recovery of arrears of child support, division of property, deprivation and recognition of paternity, establishment of order and place of child's upbringing, her travel abroad and more.
- Housing Law - range of services for receiving housing, privatization, purchase - sale, recognition and appeal of property rights, housing exclusion in court. The legal opinion based on monitoring and legal conclusion on the activities of developers of primary residence.
- Land Law - a set of services that regulate the relationship between citizens, citizens with the government related to (receiving right of the constituent documents of the land, removing obstacles of the landuse, alienation and establishment of property rights to land)

1. Timely response.
2. Flexible pricing.
3. Effective court settlement (negotiations, claims, demands, claims) successful litigation, support for the enforcement of court decisions.
4. The experts / lawyers with practical 7 year experience.
5. Our goal is to protect rights and interests of legal entities and citizens, improve legal culture of society, createthe rule of law.

We will be glad to see you among our customers and we are looking forward to the most effectively help in solving your legal problem. The specialists of our law firm always treat customer’s affairs with responsibility and understanding, thoroughly studying the subject, making all efforts to provide legal support at the highest level.

Ready for the dialogue and cooperation!

We work from Monday till Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 with previous appointment at the meeting.

We are practicing remote collaboration with customers, by written consultation and exchange of legal documents via email. Visits attorneys / lawyers in Kyiv and business tripsin all regions of Ukraine.

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