For individuals

«1 LEGAL COMPANY» understanding that each person can find themselves in difficult
life, controversial or unpredictable situations daily inadvertently encounter in obtaining
not appropriate services, substandard products not appropriate and not legal acts or omissions of
by private, state enterprises, institutions, organizations, law enforcement,
provides a wide range of services in the areas of current law:
- Civil law - disputes with banks, debt recovery, the question of contract law
(Sale, rental, contracting, services, etc.) inheritance law, Protection of Rights
consumers recover moral and material damage as a result of damages
Accidents, property damage zalyttya disputes with GSD, and more.
- Criminal law - lawyer involved in the investigation and defense of interests during court
process concerning crimes committed in the area of ​​criminal law (economic crimes, crimes
committed by officials, robbery, various injuries, theft / Special
large, fraud, selling drugs, etc.)
- Family law - family relations in the pre-trial and court procedures, termination
marriage, destination and view the amount of maintenance, recovery of arrears of alimony,
division of property, deprivation and recognition of paternity, establishment of order and place
education of the child, his travel abroad and more.
- Housing right - range of services for housing, privatization, purchase - sale,
recognition and appeal of property rights, housing exclusion in court. Legal
concluded on the basis of monitoring and the legal opinion on the activities of developers
primary residence.
- Land law - entitlement constituent documents of the land, eliminating
barriers to land use, installation and alienation of ownership
on land and more.
  - Administrative law - Appeal of executive bodies, executive bodies
local government tax.
- Employment Law - penalty not paid wages without lawful dismissal reinstatement disputes with management, and more. And the stage is the beginning of legal advice - is timely and very important step, which often gives a huge effect, helps to see the situation in the right perspective and highlights the strengths and weaknesses in your position, provides effective support for any stage process. The result is an understanding that clarify deadlock and give chance to avoid trouble. Second step is to provide professional services / attorney - is key to optimal development Strategy of your security and individual algorithm solution.
With our experts / lawyers you avoid fatal mistakes, get effective support and competent defense at any stage of the trial. Attorney Services apply not only to protect your rights in court, but on representation in other instances.

       Services lawyer and the lawyer provided by our company will help in shaping evidence of your innocence and their comprehensive analysis. A lawyer and their value in disparate Compared with the possibility of winning the most complex and intricate litigation. Prices the services of a lawyer in our company are smart, flexible payment procedure and justified high quality of work performed.

How we work:

1). You have a question, a situation in urgent need of legal assistance needed expert specialization or a lawyer, you must contact our company:
- Call by telephone;
- Or write a letter to e-mail
- Or seek skype.

2). Assistant attorney will provide you with initial operational assistance requested by the required documents, appoint the meeting. Depending on the category and area of ​​law for you provided personal specialist / lawyer because everyone has to do their work.

3). Meeting with your specialist / lawyer is in the office, during which specialist / lawyer has the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and you find important details for further solving the case.

4). Specialist / lawyer familiar with the circumstances / documents, objectively, fully and comprehensively
studying the case materials. Together with you defines goals and objectives, develop strategy, algorithm urther action to maximize satisfaction is your interest.

5). Contract and starts active cooperation. Separately, if necessary drafting procedural documents only determined period of their production and further training on their use.

6). In the process of cooperation, you will not remain unnoticed. Your specialist / lawyer reports
You of consideration, the development of your business, informs about the presence of changes in circumstances, or supplements corrects order to satisfy and achieve your specific goals.

7). Each stage of the work done reporting and subject to the signing of the Act of work.

8). Official Performance "1 LEGAL COMPANY" on the basis of agreement with Client allows you to be able to return money that was spent on legal assistance in litigation (CPC,84,88 Ukraine) 

We will be glad to see you among our customers and look forward most effectively help solve your legal problem. The specialists of our law firm always relate to the affairs of clients with responsibility and understanding thoroughly study subject, making all possible efforts to provide legal support at the highest level.