For corporate clients

For legal entities, support and maintenance of business

«1 LEGAL COMPANY» provides legal services to corporate customers not only incapital, but also provides help and support for business enterprises from differentregions in Ukraine. The company provides a full range of services for business, accompanying all stages of development, and the relationship of businesses and organizations.

By practicing, we know that companies turn to lawyers in those when they need concrete action or solve their specific issues.

The reasons may be different:

- Business creation;

- Passing registration procedures;

- Obtaining permits;

- Prevent and reduce risks, protect the interests of the enterprise, at favorable conditions the procedure of negotiating and concluding contracts;

- Conflict resolution;

- The acquisition or disposal of real estate and others.

We approach the issues of our customers in terms of achieving the requiredpositive business results.

 «1 LEGAL COMPANY» has a vast experience in various areas of law and provides the following services to create and maintain business:

- Legal services - Business Law

- Registration of changes - Administrative law

- Contracting activities — Employment

- Licensing - Criminal law (in the area of ​​economic crimes)

- Permits - Pre-trial settlement of disputes, litigation

- Corporate Law — Enforcement

- Elimination — FAQ

Every year the company grows and develops steadily, expanding the range

Companies that will be useful for our services:

1. This company, whose legal problems of diverse and can not be qualitatively made a staff lawyer.

2. This is a company with a sufficiently large volume of legal challenges by the legal department focus on key areas, and current, but also important issues are overlooked.

3. This company, in which the volume of legal work is constantly changing, and in some months Lawyer load below the minimum, and the leadership is willing to pay only for the work done.

4. This company, in which the volume of legal work is small, but the issue periodically arise and need to be addressed.

5. This is a company that faced with inspections of public bodies and the competence staff lawyer or legal department is not dealing with such matters, control and provide timely legal assistance.

As we work with corporate clients?

Your benefit in working with us?

1. By signing the agreement on legal support, you get high-quality solution to all legal issues of your business or the enterprise.

2. Immediate response to your request.

3. Time frame for each type of work, the lawyer agrees with the client and adhere to these terms.

4. Experts "1 Law Company" focused on results, which should be most favorable to the client.

Therefore, every legal situation they study all the details, look for different options and choose the most advantageous solution algorithm providing customers with all the information and arguments.